In aluminum and steel

An entire department at Cosmo 3 is dedicated to the processing of aluminum and steel profiles.

Cosmo 3 customizes and processes profiled and drawn products as per the customer’s request. Thanks to the ARGO 70 machining center, it is possible to perform drilling and milling operations on various surfaces of the profile, bringing it to the required dimensions with an automatic double-head saw.

Utilizing these modern facilities equipped with CNC control systems, Cosmo 3 can ensure maximum precision in processing and high productivity.

Our tecnhology

ARGO 70 work center which allows you to carry out drilling and milling operations on the various surfaces of the profile until it reaches the dimensions requested by the customer. The work center is then completed with an automatic double-head cutting machine. The 3-axis machining center has a worktable size of 6000 x 800 x 200 mm and is equipped with the CNC control system for high productivity and precision.